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Selling a Home in Rutherford County, NC

Selling a home isn't exactly a walk in the park. But that doesn't mean it has to be super-stressful, either!

Sure, there's a lot to prepare for, and many important decision to make, too. But if you choose your Realtor wisely, you can rest easy, knowing your home is in good hands. Here's what selling a home in Rutherford County with Matheny Real Estate means for you!

We'll Value Your Home

Even the best homes can end up in trouble if they're not priced right! That's why it's crucial to balance your price between competitive and agressive.

Pricing is an art form... one that even many Realtors don't get right. Here's how we'll find the value of your home.

We Meet Your House

We'll just gather some basic info about your home, like its address and size.

We Gather Some Info

We'll compile to-the-minute sold data with our market knowledge to determine your home's value.

We Get Back to You ASAP

We will promptly send you your home value, and we're always available to answer any questions!

Get Your FREE Home Evaluation

Want a More Detailed Home Analysis?

If you've made renovations, upgrades, or additions to your home, we want to know about them! Tell us all about what makes your home so spectacular.

Searching for Information?

We've got you covered! Whether you want to know more about pricing, staging, or what's selling in the area, we've got plenty of tools and resources to help you get on your way. After all, an informed seller is a successful seller!

Sold Reports

Meet the competition! Learn what similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for.

FULL Home Analysis

Upgrades, repairs, modifications, special features... we take it all into account to find your home value.

Stage Your Home

Make your home showroom-worthy and really wow some buyers! You'd better believe great staging sells homes!

Steps to Selling

First Time selling? Not sure what to expect? We've got you covered, every step of the way.

Timeline for Selling

Just how long does it take to sell a home? Here's when you should start preparing!

Why Choose Matheny Real Estate?

When buying a home, your agent is important. When selling a home, choosing the right agent is crucial!

At Matheny Real Estate, we're more than just a group of agents. We're more than our numbers or sales data. We're more than our successes and our experience. At Matheny Real Estate, we're a team... and our focus is YOU. We combine decades of combined success in Rutherford County with our dedication to the community and its people to craft a one-of-a-kind client experience you just won't get from any other agent or real estate team.

Ready to Sell Your Home in Rutherford County?

Thinking of selling a home in Rutherford County? We're here to help! From answering questions to pricing your home to taking the stress off your shoulders, we're here for you. So contact us today and let's get started!